Sunday, May 29, 2011


Below you can see some numbers from the 2011 final held in London. These are the official stats from UEFA

  • 12 attempts on target for Barcelona, 1 for Manchester United.
  • 63% ball possession for Barca.
  • The total number of passes that Barcelona made in the final was 777.
  • 357 passes for Manchester United.
  • Successful passes rate was 90% for Barcelona team. United's was 80%.
·         Barca’s midfielder Xavi completed 136 passes during the game. He misplaced only 12, giving him a completion rate of 91%.
  • Xavi covered 11,950 m the highest distance in the team followed by Inesta (10,640 m). Messi covered 9,130 m.
  • Giggs covered the greatest distance for Mann United (11,160m) followed by Rooney (10,500 m in total).

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