Saturday, January 31, 2015

Think different, innovative & act effectively

Here I am again after a period of silence. This was intentional to re-think the approach. As you can see, I decided to “re-brand” the blog to make it more useful (I hope!). Why this change?

Think different: I believe to make a step forward we need to look at things from a different angle. Not necessarily good but, for sure, we learn a lot.

Think innovative: I know this is a “big” word. Nowadays, many experts talk about innovation. I am not an expert but I think if we learn to look from a different angle or read below the lines we might find some good stuff.

Act effectively: To my experience, this is what is missing in sports & exercise science; the link between science and practice. The trend these years is to move towards “translation research” meaning research that will seek to answer practical questions & which will make the difference on the field. Again, this is not the end of the story. A key step in achieving this translation is the effective communication between the scientists and the practitioners.

Everyone has examples of ineffective plans. As an example, if training load is a key parameter in injury prevention in elite football, why many elite clubs don’t use this tool effectively? If science and medicine have made advancements in injury prevention why the rate of non-contact injuries remains high?

In the public health domain, why the vast majority of people do not take regular physical activity? This is despite the huge number of studies showing that regular physical activity protects from premature death.

Do we miss something?

I am happy to post your thought & ideas under the condition you identify yourself.

Hope you enjoy the posts from today. 



PS: The next 2 posts will be on the two examples I brought to your attention above. Stay tuned!