Thursday, May 9, 2013

Goal setting & team building: learn from Dr Stephen Covey

Football is a team sport. This means that success is determined by the optimal combination of physical, tactical and technical skills of each one of the players. To train a team effectively, a coach must transform and adjust individual's characteristics to fit the team’s goals and objectives. He must also effectively communicate the goals to players and staff members and get them engaged. At the end, he needs to develop a strategy to translate these goals into top performance and visible results.

You know, better than anyone else, that there might be players with no commitment to team’s goals. Or they might have different goals to the team's goals. How can you, as a coach, get them involved and contribute to the common goal? Goal setting and team building are not easy tasks!
Dr. Stephen Covey, one of 25 most influential American’s and an internationally respected leader has done excellent work on goal setting and team building. Below you can see the link for a video prepared by Dr Covey which I think also applies to football. Hope it helps you and gives you some ideas for your every day work in the field. 

Enjoy it!