Monday, August 22, 2011


No doubt that muscle injuries prevention is a multi-component approach. Various intrinsic and extrinsic factors count to athlete’s injury risk. For more information you can read the following posts in this blog and a number of good papers in the literature.

From the mathematical point of view, there are various models to calculate injuries risk in athletes in the literature. In real life, sport scientists and coach are interested in the factors that count the most and they should spend more time in training.

Which is the single most important factor?
To my knowledge and my experience with athletes EVERYTHING MATTERS for injury prevention. As a general rule, I think we should consider as many factors as possible and try to develop our own model based on the players we work with.

To help with this I have summarized some basic points that I always take into consideration
  1. At the start and at regular intervals it is good to evaluate as many factors as possible.
  2. Clearly define strengths and weaknesses for each player.
  3. Set the priorities after careful evaluation of the situation (player’s characteristics, environment, time schedule etc).
  4. Be sure you do not forget the basics! For instance, core stabilization exercises are important to injuries prevention.
  5. Keep the balance between exercises and muscle groups trained.

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