Monday, June 17, 2013

Effect of electrokinetically modified water on exercise-induced muscle damage and recovery

An interesting study was published on June 15th in the Journal of Applied Physiology by PA Borsa, KL Kaiser and JS Martin from the University of Florida. The aim was to examine the effect of ingesting electrokinetically modified water on muscle damage and post exercise recovery. To my knowledge this is a novel approach and findings need to be confirmed in future investigations and in particular in athletes.

What they did?
Non-trained males were assigned to an experimental or a control (placebo) group. The experimental group consumed electrokinetically modified water daily for 23 days. On day 19 participants performed an exercise protocol to induce muscle damage. Various measurements were taken for the next 96 hours.

Main findings
  1. Muscle pain was significantly greater post exercise in the control compared with the experimental group.
  2. Creatine Kinase and C-reactive protein levels were higher in the control group.

Oral consumption of electrokinetically modified water for 23 days reduced exercise-induced muscle damage and this seemed to be due to suppressed inflammation.

Borsa et al. (2013). Oral consumption of electrokinetically modified water attenuates muscle damage and improves postexercise recovery. Journal of Applied Physiology 114(12): 1736-1742

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