Saturday, April 19, 2014

Who is leading the change in a Club or Organization?

Look at the best clubs and the best teams in the world, being in sport or other sector. What do they have in common?

Someone might say that it is the players/employees who make the difference in a team or organization. I would agree, at least in part. No change will happen if the CEO or the Board of Directors or the Head Manager, whoever is leading the team/organization, are not ready for the change and are not convinced about the “where to go”.

The leader will develop the vision & the strategic plan, he will communicate it with all people involved and will inspire them to work hard every day for the common purpose.

If (the leader) has a clear vision he will place the right people at the right position. This will be one of the first steps for a successful journey.

Take home message
Next time choose your manager!

For further reading
Jim Collins. Good to Great. Harper Business, 2001

Anita Elberse with Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson's formula. Harvard Business Reviews, October 2013  

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