Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What are the barriers to effective implementation of injury prevention practices in high level football?

Graph 1

In the survey of workload practices of high level football clubs (Akenhead & Nassis), 41 sport scientists and fitness coaches responded to specific questions. There were two questions relevant to this post’s title; one asked the participants to rate their perceived expected and actual effectiveness of their strategy on injury prevention and performance enhancement. The other one asked them to name and rate the barriers to workload monitoring effectiveness on injury prevention and performance improvement. Their answers, as means and SD, appear in these 2 graphs.

Briefly, here is the summary of the answers:
-Actual effectiveness of workload monitoring was rated as being lower that the expected effectiveness for injury prevention and performance improvement (Graph 1)
-The main barriers to effective implementation of the workload practices were insufficient manpower and low coach buy-in.

Graph 2

What can we do?
Use more effective communication strategies to enhance integration with coaching staff.

For full access of the original study please visit this website and send email request to (limited copies will be provided).

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