Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Decelerations, accelerations, total workload and return to play: food for thought

Today, I had the chance to read a fantastic recent editorial on the nature of decelerations in football and their contribution on player's mechanical load. Here is the link to the full paper which I hope you enjoy.
With this opportunity, I had also the time to think more about the topic. No doubt that decelerations as well as accelerations should be taken into account when quantifying player's workload. With full respect to the great work published and despite the advances in knowledge regarding isolated risk factors for injuries, one of the key questions remains unanswered: what constitutes workload in football and team-sport athletes? Which indices should we trust in order to build effective injury risk estimation models? A couple of years ago we published an editorial with the hope to stimulate further discussions on the topic. I believe this paper is still relevant and hope you enjoy this read too https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/51/6/486

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